General information about what the angular package provides.

The designing page describes small parts of the designing process functions, objects, classes, and more. Shows various ways of thinking, which means problems that arose during the process, and their possible solutions.

Of course, before starting, there is a need to know what will be designed and its basis.


It's called an idea, and every idea brings problems. Finding solutions to those problems is a part of the process, which it's not possible until there is a clear idea of what the problem is. To have a clear idea means to make a thorough analysis, and to do it properly, general and specific-idea knowledge is required.


The problem, better to say, the challenge is to write meaningful, clearly-understandable, easy-readable code in an intuitive, minimal, logical, cohesive, and consistent way. Writing code that considers many word definitions can be frustrating or difficult without a list of rules. Investing the time to create a few design principles saves time in the design process and results in a thoughtful final form.


To make thoughtful design principles there is a need to make a deeper insight into many things around the code and into the code, achieving appropriate integration of those things with a code. It means to put effort to make much analysis of different things and make a proper final diagnose. One of the things is to choose the right words and proper understanding of the words used to produce the code.


Designing process forces to know the definitions of some words and a proper understanding of them, which results in better insight and final form of objects. To make things easier on the next page are definitions of some words good to know.

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