General information about what the angular package provides.

The documentation provides general information about angular-package features.

In a few sentences, angular-package supports the development process of angular-based applications in varied ways through the thoughtful, reusable, easy-to-use small pieces of code called packages.

Some of them are designed in a business logic way for intuitive exchange data between database and user interface and by having a mind in the simplicity of the javascript-typescript integration.

Some of the functionalities are based on non-conventional javascript usage resulting from the use of primitive wrapper objects to achieve specific-purpose immutable types with intuitive names and their unique features.

An angular package contains objects like range, preferences, user, settings to build an intuitive user interface, and on the next page, there is a list of them, even those currently unavailable.


Sass extension is free to use. If you enjoy it, please consider donating via fiat, revolut platform or cryptocurrency the @angular-package for further development. ♥

Feel free to submit a pull request. Help is always appreciated.

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