[5.0.0] - 2022-01-30


  • Added Undefined generic type.

  • Added guard function guardStringLengthBetween(). 53e02d8

  • Added check function isStringLengthBetween(). 5d044f9

  • Added generic type GenericObject. fd14947

  • Added guardStringIncludes() and guardStringIncludesSome() functions with tests. 691f07e

  • Added guardObjectKeysIn() function to guard the value to be an object with specified keys in it(or its prototype chain). 21e523b

  • Added are prefixed functions to check the values of a rest parameter. areBigInt() areBoolean() areDate() areDefined() areFalse() areNull() areNumber() areRegExp() areSymbol() areTrue() areUndefined(). 823dac3

  • Added a generic type MinMax that takes generic type variable Min and Max that represents the range between minimum and maximum. e503d38

  • Added new guard functions guardDate(), guardFalse(), guardNumberBetween(), guardObjectKeyIn(), guardObjectSomeKeys(), guardRegExp(), guardStringLength(), guardTrue(). c374612

  • Added isObjectKeysIn(), isObjectSomeKeys(), isStringIncludes() and isStringIncludesSome() and to the is object and to the Is interface. 55635fa 1e48fb1 a4cb61d f809f32 5c85a03 d440e38 0efe8ae

  • Added CallbackPayload and ForEachCallback types. 98a2722

  • Added the type object consists of are, is and guard objects. dfb3df9

  • Added an object to handle executing the tests. 8dd8099 230063b

  • Added recognizeValue() to recognize type of any value. d2f756e


  • Updated the way of checking values in some of the is and guard prefixed functions.

  • Updated isPrimitive() and isType() function does not use switch on the type argument.

  • Updated guard, is, isNot prefixed functions to use updated generic type ResultCallback with payload parameter of generic type variable Payload.

  • Updated isStringLength() function to check the specific length. 061ab52

  • Updated guardStringLength() function to check the specific length. 0e48591

  • Updated is {} object by adding stringLengthBetween method. 083ffd0

  • Updated guardIs object by adding objectKeysIn, stringIncludes, stringLengthBetween and stringIncludesSome methods. 8679b4c 1d44d2e

  • Updated GuardIs interface by adding stringLengthBetween. 7387e23

  • Updated areString() function that works by using the returned methods. 68c9365

  • Freeze the guard, guardIs, isNot and is object. 00e8841 09fb70f c4e6f8f 0efe8ae

  • Updated isObject() function by adding the ability to check any kind of object, not only the Object. de6aa12

  • Updated NumberBetween interface by adding MinMax interface and a generic type variable Type. 1263a2e

  • Updated StringOfLength interface by adding MinMax interface and a generic type variable Type. 24621f7

  • Updated isInstance() function can now check any kind of instance. 7d288c2

  • Updated Is interface by adding stringLengthBetween. 26d7a9d 8ddb720

  • Updated Is interface and isNot by changing the function types to the typeof operator. 8ddb720

  • Updated the type of callback function ResultCallback to provide the type of value and the shape of payload. 8ddb720 34a1b1f

  • Updated functions by adding a generic type variable Payload constrained by the object type that is by default equal to the object. 5c9486f

  • Updated functions by adding a payload parameter of generic type CallbackPayload that takes generic type variable Payload to assign to callback function payload parameter. 6d190f5

  • Updated functions by removing typeOf() function if it's not necessary to use it. 8ddb720

  • Updated the Defined to not use of Never type cause of some compile issues. e09a84f

  • Updated the guard object by removing is property. aa80250

  • Updated the isParam() function by removing the Func generic type in favor of Function. 42065c9

  • Updated isObjectKey(), isObjectKeyIn to check only one key instead of multiple keys. b7092a9

  • Updated isObjectKeys() works differently, now it searches for every key. The previous functionality provides isObjectSomeKeys(). b7092a9


  • Removed guard prefixed function types. a8e8566

  • Removed Func type in favor of build-in Function type. 8ddb720 5148f05

  • Removed Key type in favor of build-in PropertyKey type. 562ec13

  • Removed CycleHook type. 4d53a55

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