Experimental shape for a generic type variable Payload.

type CallbackPayload<Payload = object> = GenericObject & {
  action?: string;
  name?: string;
  param?: string;
} & Payload;

Generic type variables


The shape of the optional payload parameter, by default equal to the object.


action?: string

An optional action of a string type that describes the cause of performed callback.

name?: string

An optional name of the function or method of a string type that performed callback.

param?: string

An optional name of the parameter of a string type to which performed callback relates.

Example usage

// Example usage.
import { CallbackPayload, ResultCallback } from '@angular-package/type';

// Create a new function.
const isString = (
  value: any,

  // Parameter callback of `ResultCallback` type with the `CallbackPayload`.
  callback: ResultCallback<any, CallbackPayload>
): any => {
  callback(typeof value === 'string', {
    // Property from the `CallbackPayload`.
    action: 'Checks the string of a firstName',

    // Property from the `CallbackPayload`.
    name: 'isString',

    // Property from the `CallbackPayload`.
    param: 'value',

    // Custom property.
    firstName: 'my Name',

// The use of the `isString()` function.
isString('it is a string', (result: boolean, value, payload) => {
  if (payload !== undefined) {
    Returns {
      action: "Checks the string of a firstName",
      firstName: "my Name",
      name: "isString",
      param: "value",
  return result;

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